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Communing with the Divine An Interview With Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

In their latest book Communing with the Divine: A Clairvoyant's Guide to Angels, Archangels and the Spiritual Hierarchy, Martin and Moraitis explore the sacred art of communicating with celestial beings. The book is based on Martin's compelling, direct personal encounters with angels and archangels. Yet, this is only one of several books the two authors have written sharing a wealth of knowledge and clairvoyant experiences in many areas of spirituality from the aura and angels, to reincarnation, healing and spiritual growth.

Called ‘The Mozart of Metaphysics,’ Barbara's adventure into the mystical life began at the age of three when she started seeing auras and celestial beings. “One afternoon, I was playing with a ball in our family living room,” Barbara tells. “I knocked the ball against a piece of furniture and it rolled into the kitchen. My mother was alone and happily singing to herself washing dishes. I grabbed the ball and looked up to see if she had caught me. Suddenly, as I looked at my mother, I could see a glow of light all around her. In this glow were all kinds of bubbly pink and lavender colors moving around. I was startled, yet fascinated. At the time, I didn't know what it was called, but that was my first experience with the aura.”

Barbara started seeing colors and energies around other family members and friends, as well as energy around animals, trees, and plants. “It was a wonderful time,” Barbara confides. “Yet my family did not know what to make of me. They took me to doctors and gave me glasses, but nothing was wrong with me.

Her clairvoyant abilities often got her into trouble. “One time, when I was four at the end of a church service, I was asked to kiss the hand of the officiate archbishop,” Barbara tells. “Even though the archbishop was regal and commanding, I saw grotesque colors in his aura and refused to come close. When my mother insisted, I cried out, “No! He's a monster! He eats children!” After many similar incidents, Barbara learned to keep quiet about what she saw and experienced.

Many more of her remarkable clairvoyant experiences can be found in Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, which she co-wrote with Dimitri. According to Barbara, “Everything we think, feel and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in various colors and shades: this is the aura.” Barbara and Dimitri teach a highly effective technique to improve the quality of the aura, which will have a corresponding change in your life. “Mediating with Divine Light is enormously helpful to improve conditions from career, finances and relationship, to increasing creative power and spiritual awareness,” Dimitri says.

In addition to auras, as a child, Barbara started having experiences with celestial beings. “One time, I was participating in a centennial celebration organized through my school,” Barbara shares. “I was dressed as a Dutch girl and had joined in a parade. My family could not attend as they had another function to go to. As I might finish before they returned, they left a key under the front doormat so I could get in the house.

A Clairvoyant's Guide To Angels,
Archangels & The Spiritual Hierarchy

by Barbara Y Martin & Dimitri Moraitis
Publisher: Jeremy P Tarcher, Inc
$17.95, ISBN13:9780399167744

“The parade finished, and it was starting to get dark when I walked home. I got to the front door and looked under the mat but no key! The door was locked and I had no way of getting in the house. Around the corner, I could hear a drunken man walking down the street towards me singing to himself. This frightened me so I ran next door and hid in some bushes. I watched him pass by, and then it occurred to me that the kitchen window might be open. I walked around to the back of the house, and saw that the window was open. I quickly crawled in.

“As soon as I got in, I sat on a chair in the kitchen trembling with fear. I don't know why I was so afraid. In truth, the man was not dangerous. But in my imagination, he was bigger than life. As I was trying to calm down, I suddenly saw white light fill the room. Then right next to me appeared a beautiful celestial being. I could see a form but it was hard to make out features as it radiated so much light. It didn't have wings, but I was absolutely thrilled. The beautiful being blessed me with light, and I quickly calmed down. It mentally sent the message, “Don't be afraid. You are safe.” I felt elated that such a presence would come to help. I was to find out later that this was my guardian angel.”

Barbara’s family moved a lot and, at eleven, she found herself in Kansas City, got her first training in the aura when she was eleven year old when she joined a wellknown acting troupe headed by Dorothy La Moss “One day, Dorothy confronted to me privately, saying, “You can see the aura,’” Barbara affectionately relates. “I didn’t not even know what I was seeing was called the aura! It turned out Dorothy was a hermetic scientist, and she could see the aura as well. I spent hours with Dorothy as she tutored me to understand and interpret what I was experiencing. Then I understood and could interpret the aura and other spiritual experiences I was having.”

As Barbara got older, she started having experiences with even grander celestial beings. “I was in New York City about to go to college at Columbia University when I received word that my mother had become very ill and needed my help. I returned home and took an office job to help with the bills but was at a standstill as to what to do with my life.

“One afternoon, I was reading and feeling sad. I knew I had gifts but was lost as to what to do with them. Suddenly I had a visitation with a celestial being I had never seen before. As magnificent as the angels are, this was a being of a completely different order. He was absolutely magnificent. He had a strong face and strikingly colorful eyes. He was extremely tall and was wearing golden robes. His aura was dazzling. It extended beyond the walls of the room and had dominant gold and white light. I sat there stunned just trying to understand what was happening.

“He announced that he was Archangel Michael and started projecting a great deal of light to me. I went into spiritual ecstasy. Any feeling of despondency was completely gone and now felt a tremendous upliftment and sense of purpose. The experience was the greatest moment in my life up to that point.”

Whether or not you have had experiences with angels, Barbara and Dimitri teach that we all have an intimate relationship with the divine. In their book Communing with the Divine, they show you how to strengthen your intuitive and inspirational powers to better understand what the divine is saying. “The spiritual hierarchy is the key to reaching your potential and achieving your destiny,” Barbara says. “We are never alone in our spiritual journey.”

He had a strong face and
strikingly colorful eyes.
He was extremely tall and
was wearing golden robes.
His aura was dazzling.
It extended beyond the
walls of the room and had
dominant gold and white

The two met thirty years ago at a dinner party. “I was pursuing a career in filmmaking at the time and recently had a dramatic spiritual awakening which changed my life,” Dimitri reveals. “One night, I was invited to a small gathering and Barbara was there. She led a meditation which had a profound effect on me. Afterwards, we started talking. I had many questions about spirituality, and she answered them with such clarity and eloquence. What struck me even more was that she was speaking from firsthand experience rather than something she had read in a book or was taught by someone. I knew that night I had to study with this person.”

They soon realized they had a mutual affinity for writing and began collaborating. They have written four books together and more are in development. In Healing Power of Your Aura, Barbara and Dimitri explore how working with spiritual energy can improve your health. Endorsed by Norman Shealy and Dr. Richard Gerber, the book offers many practical applications of spiritual energy to help heal maladies from headaches and colds to serious conditions such as cancer.

“The aura is a crucial part of healing,” Barbara teaches, “because the aura is the place where you generate the spiritual energy to manifest health. To change any condition in your life, you need to generate the spiritual power necessary to make that change. The place where you generate that power is in your aura.”

In their eye-opening book, Karma and Reincarnation: Unlock Your 800 Lives to Enlightenment, Barbara and Dimitri direct their expertise to the dynamics of karma and the intricate process of the cycle of birth and rebirth. “Much has been written about karma and reincarnation,” Barbara says. “Yet many people do not have a clear, practical picture of how these principles work in everyday life. We all come to earth with unfinished business. The sooner you work in harmony with these natural laws the smoother your life will go and the more you’ll accomplish.”

For Barbara, there is no question that reincarnation is real. “One of my first past life experiences was one of my most vivid. I was visiting a friend in Carmel and was window shopping, waiting for him to finish work so we could go to dinner. It was dusk and most of the shops had closed when I came across a store that sold Chinese things. There was a beautiful jade green dress in the window that caught my eye. I noticed a woman inside and thought the store might still be open. I went to the door but it was locked. I knocked but no one came. Going back to the window, I saw the woman looking right at me but doing nothing!

“As I looked at her, she started to look familiar. She was attractively dressed with jet black hair. Looking more carefully, she looked like me. Then I realized this Chinese woman was not real; I was having a clairvoyant vision of myself in a past incarnation! Images started flashing in of an incarnation in China, centuries ago. This experience made a deep impression and confirmed beyond any question the reality of previous incarnations.”

Dimitri emphasizes, “Some people find the idea of reincarnating and facing karma scary. They think in terms of punishment or reward. Reincarnation is a natural process we have all gone through many times. Karma is designed in love to make us better people. It teaches that we always have a second chance at life.”

Early in their collaboration, Barbara and Dimitri realized they needed to organize a central place for the encyclopedic knowledge and wisdom that was amassing. They eventually co-founded Spiritual Arts Institute, a nonprofit center in Los Angeles, offering programs in person and online. “Our goal is to give people clear, practical, spiritual instruction that they can use in any aspect of their life and help them reach their spiritual potential,” Dimitri says. “The institute has programs at every level of interest from comprehensive personal training to spiritual healing and even an advance teacher training.”

“It’s a remarkable time in metaphysics,” Barbara concludes. “The divine is opening up more opportunities for spiritual unfoldment than ever before. Your interest in spirituality is no accident. It is the divine calling on you. Do you best to answer that call.”

To find out more about Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, their books, and Spiritual Arts Institute, visit: www.spiritualarts.org

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