About us

The EVOLVE! magazine is a semi-annual periodical exploring new and exciting book, music, spoken audio, and video titles, and other products of interest to the body-mind-spirit community. The magazine is distributed through independent local retailers with a focus in the field of body-mind-spirit at no charge to customers. All products displayed in this magazine are available for purchase from the independent retailer from whom you received this magazine. We encourage you to support your local independent retailer.

The EVOLVE! magazine came about to help interested individuals find out more about a broad range of subjects and areas of focus in the realms of spirit, metaphysics and health. Each issue has a range of articles to evoke interest and introduce authors, titles and subjects to those interested in the general field. With the enormous range of reading matter and tools for development that are available nowadays, we felt this was a good way to help you get some insight into authors, both well-known and less-well-known, and their developing work.

Because we focus on body-mind-spirit subjects, and we want to support the independent retailers who work hard to provide a wide range of evolutionary information, we do not sell on newsstands, nor do we take subscriptions at this time. We encourage you to pick up your free copies of Evolve! at your local body-mind-spirit bookstore and if they don't have copies, ask them to contact New Leaf Distributing Company which handles the distribution of the magazine to the stores! We produce issues in the Spring and the Fall.

Thank you for your interest in Evolve!

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