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ECHOES OF A DREAM: Mindful Music for Healing and Meditation (CD)


"Echoes of a Dream showcases the sensuous side of Steven Halpern's musical vision, featuring the soulful, wordless vocal artistry of rising star Kristin Hoffmann,

with Steven's iconic Rhodes electric piano laying down a cosmic blues-based chord progression. Other tracks feature David Darling's heartfelt melody on cello,

Jorge Alfano on hypnotic duduk and bamboo flute, and several deeply ambient tracks that orchestrate an uplifting, mindful state of being. Sure to appeal to long-time and new fans of Steven Halpern, a founding father of New Age music, this is Halpern at his artistic peak!"


  • ISBN/UPC: 093791811122
  • Author: "Halpern, Steven"
  • Publisher: Steven Halpern's Inner Peace