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"The Philosopher's Stone presents text and analysis of three major alchemical works, approached symbolically, using the symbol systems and viewpoints of magic and psychology. The objective of alchemical study has been described poignantly by Dr. Israel Regardie. Like modern psychological methods, the alchemical formulae have as their goal the creation of a whole man, a fully integrated individual. Not only does alchemy envisage a person whose several constituents of consciousness are united, but with the characteristic thoroughness of all occult and magical methods, it proceeds a stage further. Alchemy aspires toward the development of a free and illuminated psyche. It is here that it parts company with orthodox psychology, and here that Dr. Regardie's insights shine. The clarity and elegance of the author's style, and the precision and depth of his thought, make The Philosopher's Stone an important and meaningful experience for every person who aspires to personal development and wholeness."


  • ISBN/UPC: 9781561845491
  • Author: "Regardie, Israel"
  • Publisher: New Falcon Publications