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"STEVEN HALPERN is a Grammy? nominated, multiplatinum

selling recording artist, sound healer and a founding father of New Age music.

Healers, meditators, yogis and massage therapists have used and recommended Steven's exquisite recordings for over 40 years.

His CRYSTAL SUITE (1987) was the first album to feature quartz crystal bowls, helping introduce them to the world. This album takes the work to a much higher frequency.

?When I was composing/recording, it felt like the bowls would speak to me. In addition to the legendary healing tones of the Rhodes? electric piano, they'd guide me in choosing particular sounds on my synths.The sonic synergy had me virtually levitating off the keyboard bench. I could feel my chakras align, my spine lengthen, and my brainwaves shift into a deep theta state. I hope you find the music uplifting and healing as well.?

— Namaste, Steven H"


  • ISBN/UPC: 093791805428
  • Author: "Halpern, Steven"
  • Publisher: Steven Halpern's Inner Peace