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BLISSFUL MAGIC: Spiral Of The Celtic Mysteries (CD)*2020 COVR Broze Award Winner


"A 2020 Bronze COVR Award Winner for Iconic Music,

Blissful Magic: Spiral of the Celtic Mysteries is an Earth Rite, which integrates

Renaissance, Neoclassical, Baroque and Romantic orchestral styles with chant-like vocals

performed dramatically in Gaelic and English by the Bardic Mystery Choir.

With this work, Grayhawk has captured the neopagan undertones and musical fusion of

Celtic Shamanism, Wicca, Ceremonial Magic and Eco Mysticism.

The traditional Celtic Bodhran (frame drum) combines with scintillating percussion to provide a grounding tether

for a fusion of orchestral and folk idioms accented by the Cello of Grammy? winner, David Darling.

Grayhawk has travelled to Ireland, Wales, England and France on pilgrimages to the sacred sites of

New Grange, Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, Chalice Well, Bath and

several spiritually potent stone circles. True to the ancient traditions,

Blissful Magic: Spiral of the Celtic Mysteries casts a binding spell on the destructive forces at large today in the world."


  • ISBN/UPC: 9789991231204
  • Author: Grayhawk
  • Publisher: DEEPSPACE MUSIC